I wanna see the world


That was the real you, windows down, we could smell the mint fields crying
Sing with the radio to song we can’t name
That was the real
you saying, “Maybe I’m not too young to be a cowboy.”
Hey brother, we’re all learning to love again
Hey brother, we’re all learning to love again x

 James arrives to his hometown. Q is a beautiful ( but sad) young man who loves horses. They fall in love.
- Q…please tell me what is wrong.
- Nothing, James.
- Please, love. I want to help you. I want to see you smile.
- I’ve had enough of this life, James! When someone hears “hemophilia” … I… I can not ride a horse, I can not do anything!

( Really bad night. I want fic, please..)


(Star Trek!00Q. x ) Bond is the captain of the Enterprise. Q is a computer genius. Oh, they are in love.

- Q, love…
- No, Bond! Just no!
- Love
- You are my Captain, Bond! We shouldn’t…
- Yesterday you said something else.
- James!
- Kitten, don’t be mad…